Today in the city Garden City 05.06.2020
Aaron Gordon Game-Worn Jersey, Signed Slam Dunk Contest Ball Auctions for $11K

The Aaron Gordon Experience featured in the All-In Challenge sold for $11,000 on Thursday. In his package, the 24-year-old offered up all Orlando, Florida has to offer, with ...

Coachella and Cathedral City vote to mandate face coverings

Coachella and Cathedral City officials voted to require the use of face masks in certain public settings.

New York City Health Chief's Firing Urged Over Spat With Police on Masks

By Maria Caspani and Rajesh Kumar SinghNEW YORK (Reuters) - (Note language in quote in fourth paragraph)New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio faced...

Next Up: Women's Pole Vaulters Take Turn in Garden Clash

Three of the leading women’s pole vaulters will compete in the second edition of the Ultimate Garden Clash.

Danilo Gallinari Of The Oklahoma City Thunder Could Be The Most Attractive Player On The Market This Offseason

After being acquired from the LA Clippers last summer, Oklahoma City retained Gallinari’s Bird Rights, meaning they will have a solid chance to utilize him as a trade asset even as an upcoming free ag...

These Cities Are Coming Out Stronger From Coronavirus

Visionary leadership in Milan: When the coronavirus crisis laid the city's streets bare, an obvious but brave solution became apparent: turn those streets into bike paths.

Coronavirus Shutdown Means Cleaner Air For Some U.S. Cities

Early NOAA findings have shown that cities in Colorado and the Northeast are seeing better air quality as less residents are driving cars.

LA mayor says city will never fully be open until there's coronavirus cure

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday warned that the city will “never be fully open” until there is a cure for the novel coronavirus that has put the nation on lockdown and brought the economy...

Transgender woman at center of the Supreme Court case fighting for LGBTQ workplace rights has died at 59

Aimee Stephens, the transgender woman behind the US Supreme Court case fighting LGBTQ workplace discrimination, has died. She was 59. Stephens served as a funeral home director in Michigan for six yea...

Kamala Harris Just Endorsed Jackie Gordon — Here’s What You Need To Know About Her

Sen. Kamala Harris made one of her first endorsements today since leaving the presidential race in December. She endorsed Jackie Gordon, a combat veteran and longtime town councilmember who is running...

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