Today in the city Garden City 15.11.2018
Zimmerman Attorney to Defend City Commissioner in Shooting

The attorney who defended George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin has joined the legal team of a former Florida city commissioner charged with fatally shooting of a man he accused of...

City in South Carolina's 'Golden Strip' sells winning lottery ticket

Simpsonville, South Carolina is part of an area known as "The Golden Strip," and it lived up to its moniker on Wednesday, as the city celebrated a local store selling the single ticket that matched al...

Smart Buildings: Forming The Foundation Of Smart Cities

The future belongs to structures with sensor networks that can monitor electricity and water usage in real time, track sustainability performance and interact with other parts of the smart city.

Anatomy Of A Smart City: Four Stars On The Global Stage

It takes smart planning to build a smart city—a seamless synergy of high-tech experts, business visionaries, academics and, above all, forward-thinking civic leaders.

5 Areas Where Smart City Technology Improves Quality Of Life

When city residents measure their quality of life, there’s nothing abstract about it: Is rush hour less stressful? Is the garbage getting picked up? Does my neighborhood feel safer? Are resources used...

Living Smart: A Day In The Life Of A Smart City Resident

Beyond question, smart city technology and ubiquity via the Internet of Things (IoT) have become top-of-mind priorities—from the C-suite to IT, from innovation departments to finance operations.

CNN offices in New York City evacuated over suspicious package

CNN's New York City bureau was among the businesses evacuated Wednesday morning when a suspicious device was reportedly found in the Time Warner Center's mailroom -- that discovery coming amid the int...

This Tiny Capital Is The Top City To Visit In 2019

Cities fall in and out of style nearly as quickly as fashion trends. Yet this city, the capital of one of the happiest nations in the world, seems to always sit in a soft, subtle limelight. What's the...

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